How Much Does a Good Ping Pong Table Cost? + Right one for You?

When you want to buy something, one factor is crucial – the price. This is no different with ping pong tables. As so often, you could simply answer the question “How much does a ping pong table cost” with – “It depends”. But that doesn’t get you anywhere. This post is meant to give you an accurate idea of what price you can expect to pay for your new table. So… 

How much does a table tennis table cost? The average price is $250-500 for indoor, $400-700 for outdoor, and $50-150 for mini tables. Conversion tops, which pretty much are just tables without legs, cost around 150-300$. If you want a high-end product, you can spend everything from $1000€ up to $4000€ for a table tennis table. 

This short overview of course does not explain why there are such price differences between the individual models and which price segment is right for you. You will find the answers to these questions in the course of this post.

Why are outdoor tables more expensive than indoor tables?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify why the different variants cost different amounts. Here I refer to the respective average prices since there is no real limit upwards. 

So in general, outdoor tables are more expensive because the surface is not only made of wood, as is the case with indoor boards. Depending on the manufacturer, the playing surface is coated with melamine resin or an aluminum composite, or any kind of mixture. This additional layer makes them waterproof and weatherproof so that they can be used outdoors. 

Indoor tables, on the other hand, are mainly made of wood and are therefore cheaper to produce and, of course, cheaper. At this point, however, you should carefully consider whether you should take advantage of the cheaper price. 

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Because an indoor plate should only be bought if there is no intention to play outdoors whatsoever. You should also keep in mind that no upgrade makes an indoor table suitable for outdoor use! With outdoor tables, you simply pay for the additional freedom and the more robust construction, and of course, you could always put them inside, too.

What distinguishes the different price segments in tables?

The more you spend, the higher quality materials are used for a table. For example, the surface of cheaper indoor tables is made of plywood, while that of more expensive models is made of medium-density fiberboard. 

Similar things are seen with outdoor tables. For instance, the high-priced tables are covered with galvanized steel, while the cheaper ones are more likely to be covered with melamine resin. 

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to the playing surface. The wheels and frame are also made of higher quality materials on more expensive tables. But does that really make such a difference when playing? Do you need galvanized steel or fiberboards to play table tennis?

The answer in my opinion and for the vast majority of cases is: No!. You can find many tables from the cheaper price segments that are perfect for recreational use. In this case, it is usually not necessary that a table exactly meets the official requirements of the ITTF.

Nevertheless, the qualitative materials have their purpose, of course. And that is to ensure that just these official competition conditions are given with them. For example, a standard ball must bounce from 30 cm. about 23 cm. high. You can be sure that this is the case with a high-end table

Which price segment is the right one for you?

From my experience, beginners and even advanced players do not need a high-end table that guarantees the perfect competitive conditions. What is needed, however, is a reliable and robust table. 

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Outdoor plates

If you want to play outside in the garden, on the terrace, or in the yard, an outdoor table is the right choice. By the way, this also applies if you plan to play or store the table in the garage since this is not possible with the ones for indoor use.

If you are looking for a durable, sturdy recreational outdoor table, $450 (± $50) is the right price segment for you. This might be on the lower bound of the average for outdoor tables at this price, but it is completely sufficient for most purposes. In this case, I would recommend you the following table: 

If your goal is to be as good as possible, you should of course raise your standards for the ping pong table. In this case, I would choose a more expensive model. You should look around in the price segment of $650 (± 50). A possible plate would be this one: 

Indoor plates

If you are looking for a recreational indoor plate, you are doing everything right with a price of $350 (± $50). If I were you, I would go for the following table: 

Do you want to play ambitious indoor competitions under optimal conditions? Then you will find what you are looking for at 550€ (± 50€). In this case, I would recommend this table from Joola for official competitions: 

What are additional costs that come along with a table tennis table?

You can’t do much with just a ping pong table. Of course, you also need the necessary accessories to then play the game. This means that in addition to the cost of a table tennis table (if not already available) there is the price of at least 2 new paddles and a set of balls. 

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Very similar to the tables, it depends again entirely on your requirements. In general, you can expect the following additional costs: 

  • Beginner – approx. 20$-$50
  • Advanced – approx. $80
  • Professional – approx. $120

If you want to protect and maintain your new table, you would want to consider the following additional costs.

  • Cover to protect the plate – ca. $20
  • Cleaning kit – ca. $20

How much is the most expensive table tennis table?

As is often the case, there is no upper limit. Even though the absolute high-end tables are out of the question for me, I still enjoy researching how expensive they can get. 

Tables that meet the official requirements of the ITTF can be found for about $600. So with the really expensive table tennis tables, it’s not about the quality of play anymore, but much more about the design. 

According to rumors, the American rapper 2-Chainz had his new ping pong table cost between $28000 and $48000. It was manufactured by

The most expensive tables of conventional table tennis brands cost up to 5000€. However, these are models that are installed in city parks, for example. The most expensive table I found, which is still for private use, is called Killerspin Revolution SVR BlackSteel and currently costs $4299. 

An investment that is worth it

Yes, buying a ping pong table is a big purchase not only financially. But, as I wrote above, you usually don’t have to spend more than $600. An investment that will be more than worth it in my opinion. Just the fun that table tennis brings with it, it’s worth it and then a table lasts at least 20 years if you take good care of it. 

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